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Whitehouse is located in the southwestern portion of Lucas County and is bordered by Waterville. A majority of the land use within Whitehouse is residential with a small concentration of commercial and industrial uses.

The area known as the Village of Whitehouse was occupied by various Native American tribes, including Miamis, Ottawas, Shawnees, Wyandots, and Delawares. During the settlement of the Village, many Native Americans traveled along what is now Weckerly Road to the “Dark and Bloody Ground” in Kentucky from Fort Malden, which is now Detroit. Settlers began to travel west to the Northwestern Territory after “Mad” Anthony Wayne’s victory at Fallen Timbers in 1794. Many of these settlers were of Dutch or German decent and were looking for good farming land, which the area had to offer. The Canal access also attracted many settlers to the area.

The land known as Whitehouse changed owners three times after its first owner sold it in 1842. In 1853, the land was sold to persons associated with the Toledo-Illinois Railroad. Construction of this railroad started in 1853, to connect Toledo to Danville, Illinois through the Maumee Valley and the Great Western Railroad. In 1856, the Toledo-Illinois Railroad was consolidated with the Lake Erie-Wabash and St. Louis Railroad.

It was not until July 5, 1864 that Waterville was officially recorded. Whitehouse was laid out by John Osborn, a director of the railroad. Edward Whitehouse, Treasurer of the Wabash Railroad, and his wife, along with John Osborn, donated the land for the Village Green. This area is now called Whitehouse Village Park. The Quarry was another cornerstone of development in early days and was opened in 1860. Later, it was filled with water and served as a swimming pool for residents.

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