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Originally, a strip north of Bryan was originally part of the Toledo War, a conflict between Ohio and Michigan. Both Michigan and Ohio claimed the Toledo strip of land. The Toledo War was eventually resolved in favor of the state of Ohio, with Michigan being compensated with land that is now the western Upper Peninsula.

The area is diverse in many ways, however touts several nationally recognized successful manufacturers, including two very famous products made by companies headquartered in the area — Dum Dum suckers made by Spangler Candy Company and the Etch A Sketch made by Ohio Art Company. Bryan is also home to Titan Tire Corporation, makers of Goodyear and Titan-brand off-road tires! On a side factoid much of the world’s candy cane production is also done in Bryan, Ohio!

The best way to describe Bryan and the surrounding communities is the word community because it always at the center of life. Strong commitment to the betterment of the community at large is a quality that all area residents possess. For Bryan residents – their hard work has paid off terrifically as Bryan was ranked 30th in Norman Crampton’s book The 100 Best Small Towns in America.

Many visitors and residents alike find great aesthetic appeal to the Williams County Courthouse which is located on the square in downtown Bryan built in 1888. Over the years it has been well maintained with an extensive beautification project in 1978. The beautiful courthouse now combines the ornate 19th century architecture with modern fixtures where progress and tradition co-exist.

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