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The Pilgrim Fathers brought the township form of government to America in 1620. This unit of local government is found today in 22 states, known as either a “town” or “township.” In Ohio, the township pre-dates our state government. The townships’ size and shape was determined by the Congressional Acts which established the various land grants. Most townships were established into six mile square systems. For early Ohio Territories history, the elected officials of a township consisted of three trustees, a clerk, two overseers of the poor, and a sufficient number of supervisors of highway, in addition to justices of the peace and constables.

Monclova is located near the site of the 1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers, where the U.S. Army’s efforts led to the subsequent settling of the area by American colonists. Although the Village of Monclova, which was founded on May 27,1836, has gradually dissolved, Monclova Township, which was established on March 14,1853, continues to thrive.

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