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Among Lima’s most distinctive residential neighborhoods, the “Golden Block” on the west side, was almost entirely demolished in the 1960s; only the MacDonnell House, part of the Allen County Museum, and the YWCA survived. Today, Lima includes twenty-four buildings and one historic district that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Allen County Courthouse, the post office, the Hotel Argonne, and the Neal Clothing Building.

But Lima is no stranger to history…In the years after the American Revolution, the Shawnee were the most prominent residents of west central Ohio, and by 1817, the United States had created the Hog Creek Reservation for the local Shawnee, covering portions of what would become Allen and Auglaize counties – which would include part of present-day Lima.

The creation of the Shawnee reservation freed other lands in the area for settlement, and in February 1820, the Ohio legislature formally established Allen County. In 1831 the Shawnee were forced to surrender all their land in the area to the United States and relocated to Kansas, opening all of Allen County to settlement. The Ohio legislature mandated that a county seat be established and “Lima” was the result of that surrender.

The name “Lima” was reputedly chosen in a nod to the Peruvian capital, which during the 1800s was a major source of quinine, an anti-malaria drug for which there had been a demand in the region, an area known as the Great Black Swamp.

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