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Napoleon was founded in 1832 and named for French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The Miami and Erie Canal was finished in 1843, bringing German immigrants to the area. By the 1880s, the town had more than 3,000 residents; the population growth due in part to the town’s location on the Miami and Erie Canal and two separate railroad lines. At the time, most employment existed through businesses which made products for farmers in the surrounding countryside.

Four buildings in Napoleon are listed on the National Register of Historic Places: the county courthouse, the sheriff’s house and jail, First Presbyterian Church, and St. Augustine’s Catholic Church.

Napoleon’s economy is based on the manufacturing of a variety of goods. A major employer is the world’s largest Campbell’s Soup Company plant, located on the southeastern end of the city; also Tenneco owns one their largest Elastomer Plants, and Napoleon is the home to the Northwest Ohio Technology Society.

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